Gmail mobile client learned to return sent emails

21 August 2018
Surely many users, after sending an important email, have found mistakes in it, realized that they forgot to attach an attachment, or added important information. Especially for such cases Google has implemented a cancellation function in its mail service. After the user presses "Send", he or she has a few more seconds to "return" the sent letter (or cancel its sending, to be precise).This possibility has now appeared in the GMail mail app for Android as well. After sending an email, you will see a line with the sending status, and a cancel button at the bottom of the app. The returned letter automatically goes to the folder with drafts where it can be corrected and sent. It is noted that the function may be unstable. In some applications, the return button does not appear immediately. In this case it is recommended to close the mail client and restart it. This may be due to the gradual implementation of the function on the servers of the service.