Pokémon GO blocks players for unwanted files on their smartphones

21 August 2018
Many developers don't like it when their games are installed on "rooted" smartphones - that is, smartphones on which the user has obtained root rights to access the system code - because of the possibility of using cheat codes and performing other shenanigans. However, not everyone is going to take drastic measures to combat dishonest players. Niantic, the developer of the popular Pokémon GO game, is one of those few developers. After installing the new update from August 18 with the number v0.115.2, one of the XDA Developers forum users said that his account was blocked in the game for using an unauthorized device, despite the fact that he was using a smartphone with a clean android. As it turned out later, you don't have to run the game on a "rooted" smartphone to fall out of favor with the developer. The Reddit users experimentally determined that if you create an empty file called "MagiskManager" on any smartphone, it will cause an error and the subsequent blocking of your account in the game. It does not matter whether the user has given the app permission to access the smartphone memory or not. A subsequent update, released a day later, did not remove the new "feature" from the game, so it is likely not a simple bug or testing new protection mechanisms. Such an innovation probably will not make the players happy, because many users get root rights not to cheat in the game, but just to customize the appearance of the OS.