WhatsApp backups will no longer take up space in Google Drive

20 August 2018
Google has announced that the space taken up by backups of WhatsApp media files will no longer be counted in cloud storage. By default, Google Drive users get 15GB at their disposal for free, which can go away very quickly given the volume of media files transferred by messenger users. Under the new agreement, WhatsApp backups will be available in Goole Drive as before, without any restrictions, but will no longer take up space in the user's cloud storage. Google also said that any copies that have not been updated for a year will be automatically deleted from the storage. The new backup storage policy will go into effect on November 12 this year. To prevent data loss, Google recommends that users manually back up WhatsApp before that date. It's worth noting that this change will only affect Android users, as iOS backups are stored in iCloud.