Mobile operator VK Mobile will cease to exist by the end of the month

16 March 2018
The virtual mobile operator VK Mobile, launched on the basis of MegaFon's infrastructure, will cease to exist by the end of the month. The connection of new subscribers has already been terminated.Vlad Wolfson, MegaFon's commercial director, said that VK Mobile would soon be closed. According to him, the pace of development of the virtual operator did not meet the expectations of the companies, so a joint decision was made to terminate the project. Representatives of VKontakte said that VK Mobile was an interesting experiment, although it did not become popular with customers. All those who had time to connect to the virtual mobile operator, it is planned to officially notify about the closure of the project by the end of March. Recall that the mobile operator VK Mobile was launched less than a year ago - July 15, 2017. The proposed tariff included a number of pleasant bonuses for users of the social network, such as unlimited access to VKontakte, VK Live and embedded videos from other sites, 50% cashback for buying stickers and gifts, as well as a free subscription to the music service Boom. After closing the project, the management of "MegaFon" recommends subscribers to pay attention to the line of tariffs "Switch", which received a number of curious features, tested on VK Mobile.