VKontakte launched a mobile quiz with cash prizes

15 March 2018
Good news for everyone who loves quizzes. The developers of VKontakte presented their own mobile game, by answering the questions correctly, everyone can win a cash prize.The game is an online quiz with a real conversation between the host, who is Ivan Urgant, and the players live on air. Prize fund "Clover" is one million rubles a month, but in the future, with the increasing number of sponsors, this amount will increase. Compete for the prize may an unlimited number of players. To do this, you need to join the live broadcast before the game and answer the proposed questions correctly. 12 questions in total in each game must be answered, each of which will be offered three possible answers. The prize will be equally divided between all those who answer all the questions correctly. Interactive games will be broadcast live every day at 13:00 and 20:00 Moscow time. To take part in them, you need to log in to the application Clover, using your existing VKontakte account.