Google will ban cryptocurrency ads as early as this summer

15 March 2018
Google announced its intention to stop showing ads related to cryptocurrency. The corresponding ban will take effect in June of this year.More specifically, Google intends to ban all advertising for "high-risk financial products". It will cover not only ads for cryptocurrencies, but also for binary options, initial placement of tokens, etc. It is reported that this list will be gradually expanded. Curiously, last year Google turned off 3.2 billion ads for violations of the rules, which is almost twice as much as in 2016. Recall that back in January of this year, Facebook has already announced a ban on such advertising. However, some users found a way around the blocking. To do this, it was enough, for example, to write the word "bitcoin" with a mistake. Google representatives, in turn, promised to take into account such attempts to avoid blocking and prevent them.