A number of serious vulnerabilities were found in AMD processors

14 March 2018
As many of you probably remember, not so long ago serious vulnerabilities were discovered in Intel processors. It seems that the competing AMD devices were not without flaws either. Experts from CTS Labs, Israel's computer security research company, announced about finding a number of vulnerabilities in AMD processors.It is reported that CTS Labs specialists detected 13 weaknesses and vulnerabilities left by the manufacturer. According to company representatives, all findings pose a potential threat and can create a higher risk of cyberattacks. All AMD EPYC, Ryzen, Ryzen Pro and Ryzen Mobile processors are vulnerable, and AMD, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and a number of other companies have been informed about the vulnerabilities to develop software fixes. The data has also been published on the amdflaws website, where everyone can read more about it. AMD has not yet reacted in any way to the finding. We can only hope that the vulnerability fixes do not take long to come.