Scammers lure WhatsApp users with 1TB of free traffic

14 June 2019

ESET experts have discovered yet another type of fraud. This time, users are promised 1TB of free traffic. Only instead the user receives ads that he didn't agree to.

Experts from the International Anti-Virus Company said that fraudsters in WhatsApp promised users free Internet traffic, which could be used even without Wi-Fi.

A message was sent to the potential victim's messenger, ostensibly in honor of WhatsApp's 10th anniversary. The idea was that the user should follow a link, take a survey and share it with friends - send it to 30 contacts. After that, as the message said, the user was given 1 TB of free traffic.

Мошенники заманивают пользователей WhatsApp 1 ТБ бесплатного трафика

ESET tends to think that the ultimate goal of the scammers saw the distribution of ads without the consent of messenger users. They chose the perfect strategy for this: gullible users want to get a gift and often do not think what scam they are involved in. What's more, they also spread phishing links with it.

An antivirus company's experts conducted an investigation and discovered the site that the cybercriminals were using for their phishing campaigns. The cybercriminals used one domain to launch about 66 malicious campaigns. All the offers allegedly came from well-known brands: Adidas, Nescafé, Rolex and many others.

This is not the first scam on WhatsApp. For example, before, users were offered to change the background color of the messenger or get a premium subscription to Spotify.