Muscovites will be able to make an appointment with a doctor via Telegram

22 August 2017
Good news for residents of Moscow. The fact is that there is another way to quickly make an appointment with a doctor without going to the reception.In order to make an appointment using the new method, you do not have to install any special applications. However, this applies only to those who already use Telegram to communicate with family and friends. The fact is that in order to make an appointment with a doctor, it is sufficient to contact the bot @MosUslugiBot directly through the popular messenger. It is reported that in this way you can get to the district therapist, as well as primary care doctors - otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, and so on. The bot will give you several options for appointment times and allow you to choose the most suitable one, and then promptly remind you of your upcoming visit to the doctor. To make an appointment, you need to send the bot number of the compulsory health insurance policy and date of birth. It is worth adding that in the future, the bot capabilities will be expanded. It is expected that users will be able to describe the problem in order to get a list of specialists to whom they can go on this issue. The Yandex.Zdorovye service has a similar functionality, but to use it, a separate application must be installed, while the @MosUslugiBot service is available to all Telegram users from Moscow.