Mozilla is preparing a browser with voice control

18 June 2018
Good news for those who give their preference to browsers from Mozilla. It became known that the company is working on the next product, which will allow you to look at the Internet in a new way.The new browser is called Scout. Its main feature will be a completely new way of control, which does not require a keyboard or mouse. Instead, users will control the browser with their voice. Unfortunately, it's still impossible to try the product - the work on Scout is still in progress. Information about the project representatives of the company shared at the exhibition All Hands Meeting 2018 in San Francisco. It is expected that the new voice browser of the company will be in demand, especially among people with low vision. Nevertheless, Mozilla hopes that Scout will help make serious competition to Google Chrome. Recall that the latter has about 58 percent of the market, while Firefox's share is just 5 percent, according to StatCounter data from 2017 to 2018. Whether Mozilla's new browser will be able to win the favor of users - time will tell. In the meantime, we can only wait, because the company representatives did not announce any information about Scout, including an approximate release date.