Apple will protect its gadgets from hackers and secret services

15 June 2018
According to information published by the New York Times, Apple has closed a vulnerability in its mobile operating system that allowed attackers and law enforcement agencies to access data from locked iPhones.Recall that earlier the U.S. police found a way to extract data from the locked iPhone of suspects. To do this, they used a special device - GrayKey. It connects to your smartphone and creates a backup of the data, from which the police get all the necessary information. In the update iOS 12, such a loophole will be closed. The fact is that Apple has decided to disable the ability to transfer data through the Lightning port in cases where the smartphone is not unlocked within an hour. Of course, this will not make the use of GrayKey completely useless, but it will make data mining from locked iPhones much more difficult. The corresponding feature was called USB Restricted Mode. Curiously, it is available for developers since iOS 11.4.1, but in the operating system version number 12 it will be activated by default in the settings for all users. Apple representatives insist that the development of this feature is not aimed at hindering police and law enforcement, but is designed to protect mobile devices from hackers who use similar methods of information extraction.