Mozilla introduced a new, fastest version of Firefox

15 November 2017
Good news for Firefox users. The company Mozilla has released a new version of the browser under the number 57, which boasts a twofold increase in speed, compared with the previous release.The developers called the new version Quantum and positioned it as the fastest Firefox in history. This is facilitated by the transition to the new Stylo engine, which is a reworked CSS. In addition, the program has learned to work more efficiently with a large number of open pages. The fact is that in Firefox Quantum, the highest priority is given to the active tab, used by the user, and the lowest - to the rest. In addition, the new Firefox has got an interface Photon. It features a new menu design, square tabs and an address bar combined with a search bar. It's interesting that the Photon is optimized both for screens with higher resolution and for touch screens. It's worth adding that, according to the developers, Firefox 57 uses 30% less RAM than Google Chrome, which can't but rejoice. The built-in pop-up and script blocker also boosts page loading speeds by 44%. According to NetMarketShare, Mozilla's desktop browser has a share of only 13.1%, while 59.8% of users still prefer Google Chrome. With the release of Quantum, the developers hope to change this situation in their favor. Everyone can try the novelty. However, Firefox Quantum is only available to Windows, macOS and Linux users.