Google Pixel 2 XL owners report problems with the touchscreen

14 November 2017

More recently, owners of the iPhone X encountered difficulties when using the gadget in the cold. It seems that Google smartphones are subject to a similar problem. However, in the case of the latter, the problems do not depend on the ambient temperature.

The discovery of the corresponding problem is reported by many owners of Google Pixel 2 XL on a special forum. According to them, near the side edges of the display are "dead zones", which do not respond to taps. At the same time, the lack of touchscreen sensitivity does not depend on any external conditions and does not go away by itself. Most likely, in this way the smartphone is implemented protection against accidental presses.

Google representatives have been informed about the presence of problems with the Pixel 2 XL. They also said that work on finding out the exact causes of the "dead zones" on the gadget screen and their elimination has already begun. The official fix will soon be available to all owners of Google's flagship in the form of an OTA update.