Mozilla announced the acquisition of Pocket

28 February 2017
Many Firefox users may have already noticed that some time ago, built-in support for Pocket service appeared in the browser. Now it has become known that the developer of the latter - Read It Later, Inc. has officially become a part of Mozilla Corporation.It is reported that Pocket will be added to the Mozilla product line, while maintaining its brand. The company's values will remain unchanged, with which the new owners are in solidarity. Together, they will be able to achieve better results in creating a healthy, open and accessible Internet for all people. In addition, the new acquisition could significantly speed up work on Mozilla's own development - Context Graph smart search technology. We can say for sure that this acquisition heralds significant changes in both Firefox and Pocket. So far, it's hard to say what the developers of these products have prepared, so all we have to do is to keep an eye out for upcoming updates.