Facebook starts showing ads during video playback

27 February 2017
Surely many people remember the promises of Facebook representatives to put ad units right in the middle of videos. Such conversations started at the beginning of this year, but while ordinary users were hoping that the social network management would change its decision, the developers were doing their job. Finally, the innovation was officially launched, albeit in test mode.With the cooperation of a number of American publishers, Facebook already started to show commercials to a small number of users. We know that the first ad will be seen by the user after viewing at least 20 seconds of the desired video. The next "commercial break" will not happen earlier than in two minutes. As for the profit that will receive the social network, in accordance with the agreement, it will be 45% of income from such advertising. The remaining 55% are intended for the publisher. It seems that the playback of the video clips of interest from Facebook will soon remind watching movies on TV. If for publishers this innovation will help to increase considerably their ad revenues, common users will feel just another inconvenience. It is not known yet when testing will be finished and ads in the middle of videos on Facebook will be already displayed to all visitors to the social network.