Viber developers intend to drop support for Windows 10

27 February 2017
For most of us, messengers have already become an integral part of life. They are used both to communicate with loved ones and to maintain work contacts. To meet the growing demands of users, developers are constantly introducing new features and trying to port their creation to all major platforms. Viber, on the contrary, refuses to support Windows 10.It is reported that this decision has been dictated not by the whim of the developers, but by the lack of resources. So, abandoning the development of applications for Windows 10, the company will be able to concentrate on working on the messenger for platforms where it is more in demand. These changes will affect not only the desktop, but also the mobile version of the OS from Microsoft. However, PC owners will still be able to use the classic Viber for Windows. Of course, the withdrawal of support for Viber for Windows 10 does not mean the complete inaccessibility of the relevant applications. You will still be able to download them to your gadget or PC, though you will have to forget about any updates and new features in this case.