Microsoft antivirus to appear on iOS and Android

21 February 2020

Who doesn't know Microsoft? Most people associate it with Windows (or Office). The company used to be an irreconcilable competitor to Apple and Google. Now that's all changed.

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A prime example of this is the news about Microsoft Defender. It's installed by default in Windows. Before, it wasn't considered serious. However, over the years, the reputation of the program has grown.

Recently, the solution was recognized as one of the best. Microsoft Defender was tested by the independent laboratory AV-Test. If you believe the experts, it is not inferior to analogues (even paid ones).

Microsoft Defender was included in the top 10 according to AV-Test. Soon it will move to mobile platforms. We are talking about iOS and Android. You should agree that this is an unexpected debut.

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On smartphones, the app will change its name to Defender Advanced Threat Protection. It will keep gadgets safe from malware. Also among the tasks - disruption of phishing attacks.

In addition, Defender Advanced Threat Protection will look after the browser. It will prevent unsafe pages from loading. How effective is Microsoft's utility? We will find out soon.

Release on the App Store and Google Play is expected in the coming months.