New DUNU headphones printed on a 3D printer

22 February 2020

DUNU is not the most popular headphone manufacturer. However, there are a lot of interesting new products in its range. It is reported that the company has brought the DM-480 model to Russia.

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This is an in-channel solution. The transparent case was created using high quality 3D-printing. Such headsets are not common. DM-480 is a unique thing.

Thebasis of the product is a biocompatible polymer. The form of DM-480 corresponds to the anatomical structure of the ear. It will be comfortable to wear. Separately worth noting the diaphragm of the drivers. It pleases with titanium plating.

The drivers themselves are 8mm. There are two of them for each channel. Acoustic distortion is minimal, thanks to the isobar configuration. The DM-480 will fit just about anyone. This is guaranteed by six pairs of ear cushions (different sizes).

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Also included are a clip for attaching to clothes and a storage case. The latter has a rigid design. Damage during transport is difficult.

There are two colors - orange and black. The cables are made of oxygen-free copper. The length is 1.2 m. A nice bonus is the silver coating.

The approximate price is 5,490 rubles.