Radio-controlled Tesla Cybertruck offered for $20

22 February 2020

Elon Musk is not only launching rockets. At the end of last year, his company Tesla distinguished itself. The latter unveiled the fantastic Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck.

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The car impressed everyone. First, it has a futuristic design (reminiscent of Blade Runner). Secondly, the novelty is made of bulletproof steel.

In addition, Tesla Cybertruck pleases with armored glass. In free sale the car will appear in 2021. The pre-order price will start at $39,900.

Do you want something like this not seriously? Pay attention to the radio-controlled copy from Hot Wheels. We are talking about 2 models of different scale - 1:64 and 1:10.

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The 1:64 version costs $20. The 1:10 costs $400. Both support two driving modes - normal and sport. However, the more expensive version is more interesting. It is able to drive off-road.

Tesla Cybertruck is controlled by remote control. How accurate are the replicas? The telescopic tailgate is in place. It converts to a loading ramp if desired. All you have to do is unfold it.

A nice bonus: the big toy disassembles. Dreaming of getting into the transmission? You are welcome. The body of the product can be easily removed. It's a similar story with the battery.

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How to buy? Applications are accepted on the official Hot Wheels website. Delivery starts in December 2020.