Apple revealed a dark theme for iOS 13 at WWDC

04 June 2019

The World Developers Conference was held on June 3. Apple announced there the new iOS 13. What is interesting about this OS?

Let's start with the fact that the release of this operating system was expected by all owners of iPhone and iPad. At the presentation, the top manager of Apple Craig Federighi said that Face ID for iOS 13 allows the user to access the device by 30% faster. Downloads to the App Store in the new OS weigh 60% less. The user can install applications on the smartphone twice as fast.

WWDC 3 июня Apple показала тёмную тему для iOS 13

The new operating system can turn all pre-installed applications into a dark color. Apple has named the mode - Dark Mode. Wallpaper on lock screen and "Home" can also be adapted to the dark color. Keyboard became more convenient to use due to the appeared in it swipe function.

WWDC 3 июня Apple показала тёмную тему для iOS 13

Apple Maps in iOS 13 have become more accurate, now they have panoramas. Detailed description is also pleasantly surprising. However innovations can be applied only in the U.S. territory. Apple Maps panoramas somewhat reminiscent of Google Maps or Yandex Maps.

Separately, at the WWDC presentation, Apple representatives talked about the security of iOS 13. The system will automatically track where and when a particular application sends user data. It will be enough to use Apple's system to access social networks: it will show the requested data and generate random "accounts" for sending.

Animoji have changed. A user in iOS 13, if he or she wishes, will be able to equip his or her animated copy with features, whether it be colored hair or piercings.

Apple has built into the new OS photo and video editors. They will make life easier for users and will allow them to apply effects, improve the quality of photos and clips without downloading additional applications.

The new iOS 13 will be released in fall 2019. According to rumors, along with the new iPhones.