WWDC 2019 recap: what was interesting at the conference?

04 June 2019

We already talked about the dark theme in iOS 13 in our last article. Now let's talk about Apple TV, Watch OS, iPad OS, Mac OS, and the new Mac Pro.

что интересного было на WWDC 2019

After the update, Apple TV will support multiple users. Based on the preferences, the program will select its content for each family member. Now Apple TV supports gamepads from Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 game consoles. More game releases on Apple TV are likely in the future. It is worth assuming that this pace of Apple TV development is due to the fact that the company plans to release Apple Arcade in the fall of 2019.

что интересного было на WWDC 2019

A new version of WatchOS was also presented at WWDC. There were added new watch faces, a separate App Store and many applications from the iPhone. For example, a calculator, a recorder, a player and some others. The watch has a function to analyze activity and compare performance with other periods. Based on the data obtained, Apple Watch will be able to advise the owner to walk more or take breaks. WatchOS 6 will be able to monitor background sounds and warn the owner if some of them are dangerous for hearing.

что интересного было на WWDC 2019

In addition to a new dark theme and Face ID and app optimization, iOS 13 has added authorization in apps and resources using Apple ID. Users will be able to hide their real email address, keeping themselves safe. In the new OS Siri speaks in a more "human" voice, got a set of updated commands and the ability to recognize the voices of family members through the HomePod speaker. The voice assistant can read aloud a message that comes in and record the user's response.

AirDrop will be able to recognize people in photos when sending photos. It will offer the user to drop photos to their iPhones, if they are nearby.

iPadOS has the ability to pin widgets to the desktop, and the Apple Pencil's latency has been reduced. If previously it was 20 milliseconds, in the update was reduced to 9. Copy and paste text with three fingers. The Safari browser works like a full desktop version, with hot keys and a download manager.

что интересного было на WWDC 2019

MacOS now has Catalyst technology. It's needed so that developers can port applications from iPad and work with them on MacOS computers.

iTunes has changed. Now it consists of Apple Music, Apple TV and Podcasts. The update will allow the iPad to be used as a second monitor or graphics tablet for the Mac.

MacOS got support for HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Voice Control for iOS and MacOS: Flip pages, close apps and send messages is now easier than ever.

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are now combined and are called Find My. Lost device can be found even if it's turned off. Also new in MacOS is support for remote locking in case your computer is stolen.

At WWDC, Apple also unveiled the Mac Pro with a 28-core processor and 6K monitor, with a Xeon-class processor inside and up to 1.5TB of memory. The new Mac Pro is exceptionally fast and suitable for designers working with graphics, 3D models or high quality images.

что интересного было на WWDC 2019