To the delight of gamers, Sony will revive the original PlayStation

20 September 2018
In the near future, a new game console from Sony will see the light. Or rather, it can be called new only in part, because we are talking about a smaller version of the original PlayStation, which debuted in Japan in 1994.The game console will be called PlayStation Classic. It is already known that it will be a scaled-down version of the original console by 45%. The Sony PlayStation Classic will come with 20 classic games, including Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Wild Arms. All of them will be loaded into the memory of the device and are available in their original format. It's worth adding that the console will connect to the TV via HDMI cable. The standard package will include two gamepads of the original design, as well as a USB cable. In the U.S., the Sony PlayStation Classic will sell for $99.99, and the cost of the console in Europe will be 99.99 euros. Sales are scheduled to start on December 3 this year.