YouTube will have information about music in videos

21 May 2018
The YouTube development team has revealed another innovation. Now the service will show detailed information about the music, which sounds in the videos.It is reported that the new function will use a special platform Content ID. It will help to automatically identify copyrighted content. Thus, the innovation will work not only for the official videos, but also for users' videos with music playing in the background. When the user clicks on "more" under the video, he will see a complete list of people involved in the creation and licensing of the musical composition. If it's music from an amateur video, YouTube will provide a link to the official clip. Moreover, if the composition is available for purchase in any of the services of Google, user will be offered to buy it. It is reported that with such step company plans to attract new performers, labels and publishers. This, in turn, will help to expand the scale and improve the quality of the data, which will be very helpful considering the launch of YouTube Music soon.