YouTube will have more commercials you can't miss

27 August 2018
Starting next week, you'll probably start seeing more commercial inserts in YouTube videos that can't be skipped. According to Google's official statement, all channels that can monetize their videos will be offered the placement of non-skippable ads. Initially, such inserts were available only for a small number of channels for testing purposes. Now this feature will be available to all participants of YouTube affiliate program. Thus, content creators will be able to increase their revenue from advertising, because for the videos, which users watch until the end, the advertiser pays more. Good news is, YouTube ads are shorter than TV ads. At least for now. According to Google's help page, the maximum length of unmissable ad inserts is 15-20 seconds. Nevertheless, that's still three to four times longer than an ad that can be skipped 5 seconds after you start watching it. Although, if you really want to watch a video posted on your favorite channel, no ads will be a hindrance. On the other hand, it may be bad for "youtubers" who haven't got a big audience of loyal fans: such innovation may discourage them. When the new feature will be launched, it will be automatically activated for all "affiliate" participants and will be applied to all posted videos. Channel owners will also have access to a special tool that will enable them to monitor the effectiveness of unsupported ads. In case the number of views or income decreases, they will be able to disable such ads on their channel.