Xiaomi has expanded its product catalog... with a pencil case

27 August 2018
Xiaomi has established itself as a manufacturer of quality smartphones at affordable prices. However, its product catalog is not limited to this. It also produces fitness bracelets, electric scooters, smart trash cans, and many other gadgets and more.It seems the company decided to add stationery to its product range. The first of them was the pencil case. It is a simple pencil case. It has no WiFi module or smart sensors. It is not able to open itself when the user brings his hand to it (unlike a trash can). It is just a standard pencil case where you can store pens/pencils, wires, or makeup. The pencil case is available in two versions: white matte and transparent. The dimensions of the "gadget" are 19.5x6.7x3 cm. The announced price is $3. Not a bad gift for fans of the company's products for the beginning of the school year.