How often should you change phones? Let's figure it out!

08 February 2019

Smartphone manufacturers are often blamed for the special slowdown of their devices. Experts told about the average life expectancy of smartphones, and when they should be replaced.

The question of how quickly smartphones fall into disrepair, probably good half of people have asked. So, in the State Duma called to check the gadgets of Apple and Samsung brands. The reason is the deliberate slowdown of previous phones to stimulate the sales of new ones.

Когда пора менять смартфон?

Kirill Sergeev, technical expert of the "Lexand Lab" tells us that the average duration of the normal operation of a smartphone is three years. However, it becomes obsolete earlier. Some applications are beginning to be released for more powerful characteristics. Accordingly, they will work much slower on last year's phones than on the new ones. According to the expert, in the second year of use you will need to change the battery, and by the end of the third year, the performance and speed of the smartphone will decrease significantly. The phone, of course, will not stop working at all, but many of the applications will either be slow to load, or will not be available at all.

So, for example, an advanced user needs to change his smartphone because of the release of new software, so that there will be no limitations in the work of the gadget. Unlike Android, iOS has better support for updates. In this regard, the previous versions remain relevant longer.

Other experts tend to think that devices become obsolete because brands are constantly improving the characteristics of smartphones, making the gadgets of the previous generation irrelevant in several ways.

So how do you know when to change your phone? This topic will become relevant for you if the device stops working at all, or the battery charge is not enough for several hours.

Denis Sorokin, CEO of Lenremont, is sure that the manufacturers of gadgets themselves make them obsolete before their time.

For example, in 2018 there was a real scandal around "apple" gadgets because of the slowdown of previous versions of the Iphone due to the release of new ones. At that time, the company argued that this is how it prevents the appearance of errors, accidental rebooting, and shutting down in the cold.