Google Chrome's new dark theme will reduce eye strain at night

08 February 2019

Chrome developers are testing a new version of the browser with a dark theme. It will be available on Windows 10 and macOS operating systems.

The dark theme will appear in Chrome 74. It is activated automatically by simply adjusting to the theme installed in the OS. If the user switches the theme in the OS, the browser also changes. No additional settings are provided.

Тёмная тема в Google Chrome

At the same time, the sites the user visits do not become dark as well. The changes apply only to panels, settings and folds, as well as download pages and other elements in the Google Chrome browser itself. Such a design is most convenient to use in the dark - so the load on the eyes will be reduced.

While the dark version is still being tested. The theme is expected to be available in a stable manner from April 23.

Note that similar design, reducing the load on the eyes at night, already have a mobile application of the social networks VKontakte, Twitter and video hosting YouTube.