Yandex Navigator and Maps are working in offline mode

04 December 2017
Good news for users of mobile applications Navigator and Maps from the company Yandex. Finally, it became possible to build routes and search for addresses even without Internet access.Of course, in order to start working with the above-mentioned applications without Internet access, you must first download maps of the desired regions into the gadget's memory. After that, the offline mode will not have to be activated additionally: it will turn on automatically every time the mobile network signal is lost or is too weak. And when the connection is restored, the application will continue to work as usual. When working in the offline mode, the user can easily build routes and search for places and organizations on the map. In addition, Yandex.Navigator will even save warnings about speed limits and upcoming maneuvers, if the Internet is disconnected with an already built route. But to get information about traffic jams and the corresponding changes in the route in the offline mode will have to forget. To try out the work of applications Yandex.Navigator and Yandex.Maps in offline mode already can all wishing. To do this, you need to install the current version of the corresponding application on your Android or iOS-gadget.