The mobile version of the domestic browser "Sputnik" has acquired a night mode

05 December 2017
Another update of the domestic browser "Sputnik" became available to users of mobile devices running Android, which got several interesting features at once.The first thing users will see after launching the updated browser is an animated announcement of new features. Starting from the version of Sputnik, such announcements will tell about all the innovations, which will make familiarization with them even more clear and easy. However, the main feature of the last update is the introduction of the night mode. With its help, you can easily change the color temperature of the screen, which will make surfing the Internet comfortable both during the day and in the dark. "Sputnik" offers several ready modes, specially designed for different lighting conditions: night, lamp light, dawn, etc. In addition, the developers, having listened to the wishes of users, have added a button "Close all tabs" to the tab gallery. The updated version of the browser "Sputnik" is already available to everyone. To get acquainted with the innovations, you only need to install the current version of the application on your Android-gadget.