Finding rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go has become more difficult, due to Niantic Labs' fight against cheaters

26 May 2017
Many people have probably played Pokemon Go and may have even caught quite a few Pokémon. Since the game requires you to constantly move around the city, finding rare monsters has proven to be quite difficult, prompting some players to resort to third-party services to make the hunt easier. According to Niantic Labs, such actions are a fraud, so new restrictive measures were applied against unscrupulous Pokemon fans, which affected many "clean" accounts as well.The Pokemon Go Hub website published screenshots depicting the difference in the display of the nearest Pokemon for users caught under suspicion and everyone else. Obviously, it became much harder for cheaters, as well as those who fell under suspicion by accident, to find a rare monster. And these measures would have been quite justified and warmly welcomed, if it were not for the fact that thousands of honest players were put on the "blinded" list. It's hard to say what guided Niantic Labs experts in identifying potential cheaters, but it seems that the choice was made by "scientific poke" method. The thing is that many bot owners in online forums report that they were unaffected by the "blinding", while honest players complain about the unexpected punishment. If we believe the rumors, Niantic Labs began to use machine learning algorithms to detect cheaters and automatically block them partially. If that's the case, one can only hope that the system will work more accurately over time. And while the developers of third-party pokemon search services are preparing for blocking or looking for possible ways to cheat the new system, ordinary players have already started to make lists of monsters that "blinded" account holders cannot see.