VKontakte has a new mechanism for paying for in-app purchases

26 May 2017
Good news awaits active users of various applications or games in VKontakte. The fact is that thanks to the latest innovation, it is no longer necessary to renew subscriptions for premium services manually. The new mechanism of payment for built-in purchases implies the installation of regular payments for those or other bonuses.That is, having ordered a bonus or additional functions with a time limit in this or that application, you will no longer have to repeat the purchase yourself. Instead, the second write-off of votes or money from the account will happen automatically, in a week or a month, depending on the settings set. In this case, first of all it will be written off the votes available in the account, and in case of insufficient amount users will be able to choose another payment method, for example, adding a bank card. The innovation has been officially launched and everyone can try it. In order to manage payments, you must enter the "Payments and transfers" section in the profile settings. There you can also terminate and renew subscriptions, control payment dates and link new bank cards.