web version has convenient notifications

25 May 2017
Surely many people have had to refresh a page in the mail for a long time, hoping to finally see an important letter in the inbox list. This kind of waiting is not only tiring, but also prevents you from doing other important things. Therefore, the developers from Mail.Ru Group have implemented a new function in Mail that makes working with the service even more convenient.It's about introducing notifications in the browser. After activating this function, it will be almost impossible to miss notifications about new incoming mails. The corresponding push-notification will be displayed in the upper corner of the screen regardless of which tab is open. So it doesn't matter if the user is watching a video online, reading the news or just surfing the web: a click on the notification popup will take him straight to his email and read the new message. In order to use the new feature, it needs to be pre-activated. To do this, just enter the settings and go to the "Notifications" section. The first item there is "Browser notifications", and it is necessary to activate it. By the way, the new feature will also suit those who use several mailboxes. If you use multiauthorization, you can subscribe to notifications for all your accounts at once. It's worth adding that you can take advantage of the new feature in Chromium-based browsers - Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Amigo, and others. The innovation has already been officially launched and everyone can try it out.