Android 11 Announcement Date Named

23 February 2020

Has your phone been upgraded to Android 10 yet? What do you think? Meanwhile, Google is working on Android 11. The next version of the mobile OS will be unveiled this spring.

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When will the official announcement take place? Google did not hide the date. The corporation said that Android 11 will debut as part of Google I/O 2020. We are talking about the annual conference for developers.

Google I/O 2020 will take place between May 12 and 14. You can attend the event in person. You will need to get to the city of Mountain View (California, USA).

There is a fee for admission. You will have to pay $1150 for a ticket. So it's expensive to go just for Android 11. It is better to watch the broadcast from Google I/O 2020 online. It will be more economical.

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What to expect from Android 11? Some features of the system are known. For example, the OS will limit access to the camera, microphone and location detection.

There is information about the addition of a new gesture. It is called Motion Sense and allows you to pause music. In addition, the functionality of pop-up notifications will be improved.

Special mention should be made of the support of "waterfall screens". The platform will delight with its compatibility with displays of different shapes. With cutouts - a similar story.