Unused apps in iOS 11 will be deleted automatically

08 June 2017
Many owners of modern smartphones or tablets are familiar with the problem of lack of memory. Photos, videos, music and all sorts of useful programs can quickly take up all the free space on the device, and it can be difficult to sacrifice something less necessary. So, Apple specialists have introduced in the new iOS 11 a function that will help to cope with this problem.The new function is called Offload Unused Apps. It allows you to find and remove unused applications. Interestingly, a similar feature has been previously implemented in Nextbit Robin gadgets. Then, the applications and files that the owner of the smartphone was using the least often, were automatically moved to the cloud storage. There they remained until the user launched them again. In the case of Apple gadgets, Offload Unused Apps simply deletes rarely used programs, preserving the user's data at the same time. Detecting "deleted" applications is very easy: their icons on the home screen are colored gray. It is worth adding that it is not difficult to restore such programs. All the necessary data will be downloaded after a simple tap on the screen of the gadget. The new function will start working in the background automatically. Nevertheless, anyone will be able to configure it to their needs, including independently specifying the list of applications that need to be removed.