As early as June 13, Steam will launch a new game publishing system

08 June 2017
Surely, many regular Steam users have noticed that since the launch of Greenlight in 2012, the catalog of games has greatly expanded. Unfortunately, not all of the products, passed through the program, can be called of high quality. In this regard, Valve has decided to abandon Steam Greenlight. At the beginning of next week, will see a new program - Steam Direct.Recall that in Greenlight any developer could apply to add their creations to the Steam catalog, and other users were invited to vote for them. Now, after the closing of the program, the experts from Valve will review each application and install the game in person. It is necessary to evaluate the quality of content, checking for the presence of malware and filtering products created with the purpose of fraud. It's worth adding that the developers should now pay $100 to Valve in order to apply. However, in the case if none of the games will be provided or none of the games will pass into the catalog, this payment can be returned. Also the payment will be returned to the developer, if the sales of the game on Steam exceed $ 1000. The new system of game's publishing in Steam will be launched on June 13th. We will know very soon if it will affect the content quality and what other changes will follow it.