Google has released an update that fixes the problem of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones freezing

07 June 2017
Surely many people remember the momentary emergence of negative reviews of the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones immediately after their release to the market. Despite the fact that in general the gadgets received positive reviews from owners and critics, the presence of quite frequent hang-ups often negated all the pluses. It seems that finally, the company was able to solve such an unpleasant problem of their smartphones.It is reported that previously, faced with a hang-up Pixel or Pixel XL, the user had to reboot the smartphone to restore its performance. Now, to finally get rid of such a nuisance problem, you just need to install an update. In this case, Google representatives remind that freezes can be caused by a variety of different factors. Therefore, they urge users to report cases of recurring problems. It is worth adding that the update also improves the security level of both gadgets. It is expected that all owners of Pixel or Pixel XL the fix will become available in the next few days.