Niantic pleases Pokemon GO players with the appearance of 80 2nd generation Pokémon

16 February 2017
It's no secret that Pokemon GO, so beloved by many in the beginning, began to gradually lose popularity. Some were simply bored with the monotonous gameplay, while others began to grow cold to the game after catching all the Pokémon. However, the experts from Niantic prepared a pleasant surprise for the players, which, in their opinion, can cause a sharp increase in the popularity of Pokemon GO.It is reported that by the end of this week the Pokemon GO game will include 80 new monsters from the Joto region, introduced in the second generation of Pokemon games. It is expected that this will help return interest in the mobile game and encourage players to go back to the streets of the city to catch them all. Of course, this is not all the changes that will get the game. For example, Pokémon from the Kanto region will now be able to evolve into monsters from Joto. True, this will require certain items that can be obtained at pokestops. There you'll be able to find brand new berries, allowing you to slow down monsters to facilitate their capture, or increase the amount of candy you get when catching pokemon, which, by the way, will no longer be sexless. These are not all the innovations that will get Pokemon GO by the end of this week. Get acquainted with them on their own very soon will be able to all comers. To do this, you only need to follow the game news and install updates on time.