Nintendo will shut down Miitomo this spring

26 January 2018
Fans of Nintendo games are in for a nasty surprise. Representatives of the company announced the closure of the Miitomo service from May 9 this year.Recall that Miitomo was the company's first mobile application, which saw the light of day on March 17, 2016. It quickly gained popularity among players, but seems to have lost it just as quickly. Along with the announcement of the closure of the service, Nintendo closed the possibility of buying in-game currency in Miitomo. Despite this, it is still possible to earn it in other ways. As for the other features of Miitomo, they will remain available until the closure of the service. You can use the coins you earn to get discounts on 3DS or Wii U games in the My Nintendo service, as well as other items. However, as of 10:00 Moscow time on May 9, 2018, purchased items can no longer be used. In addition, they will no longer appear in your Nintendo account and the Super Mario Run game. Also, all Miifoto pictures will disappear, so users are advised to save them elsewhere in advance. There's still plenty of time until May 9 for all Miitomo users to spend their remaining coins, save important images and pictures, and just say goodbye to their favorite service.