Yandex.Money will check the recipient of the payment for bankruptcy

26 January 2018
Online payments do not inspire confidence in many people. Some are haunted by the fear of incorrect recipient data entry, and others are worried about the possibility of sending money to an organization that has long since been liquidated or changed its details. Therefore, the company Yandex has improved its payment service and introduced in it checking the status of the recipient.Now, when transferring money on the requisites of any organization, Yandex.Money will check its status. This means that after entering TIN in the section "Receipts", the user will be shown the corresponding status. In total three options are possible: the company is healthy, in the process of liquidation or liquidated. Having received data on the status of the organization, the user can decide whether to make a payment or not. Obviously, if the beneficiary is okay, you can't be afraid of transferring money. If the company is in liquidation - the payment can still be made, but in this case there are certain risks. And to a liquidated organization, Yandex.Money will refuse the transfer.