Nokia 8.2 will only support 5G

11 November 2019

News for fans of the Finnish Nokia. In the coming months, as we know, the Nokia 8.2 will be announced. It is the brand's new camera phone, impressive in its photographic capabilities.

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However, it's not about how it shoots. The Nokia 8.2 was expected to come in two variants. One would get an LTE modem, the other would get 5G. Unfortunately, the reality is different.

Insiders reported: Nokia 8.2 will be presented in a single version. Only with support for 5 generation networks. There is no LTE module on board.

The question immediately arises: where is the smartphone going to be sold? 5G is available in a limited number of countries. The technology has not yet spread around the world.

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Nokia hopes this will change by the release. The rollout of 5G is proceeding apace. The Nokia 8.2 is scheduled to debut in February 2020.

The phone will be shown at the MWC 2020 exhibition. What characteristics will it please? For example, a front camera with 32 MP resolution. A real find for fans of selfies.

There is also a rear lens for 64 MP. In the role of the processor will be a chip Snapdragon 735. Other specs are hidden.