OnePlus intrigues

08 November 2019

The mysterious photo was published the other day on Twitter by the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus. The dark image of a part of the device was accompanied by the laconic Coming soon, i.e. wait for it.

They succeeded in igniting the curiosity of their followers. In the comments poured out versions of what exactly is shown in the photo. But they all turned out to be wrong. "None of you guessed. And no, it's not a new phone," OnePlus replied.

The company had anticipated possible machinations with the mystery image. When trying to enlarge it and make it brighter, the inquisitive user sees the inscription "Nice try." And that, in fact, is all.

On one subscriber's suggestion that it was part of a laptop, the company noted that it was getting warmer. But no.

Subscribers continue to stare at the photo and guess, but apparently a clue will not follow until the company's official release. As in the plans of the Chinese manufacturer in the near future are not listed large presentations, most likely the mysterious device refers to the number of accessories, whose release does not require sound fanfare. And the company simply decided to warm up interest in such a way. Well, they succeeded.