New Viber feature will allow you to communicate with millions of users in one chat room

01 March 2018
Good news for Viber users. Especially for those who have not been able to add all their friends or interlocutors in one group chat. The thing is that the developers of the messenger have launched a new feature called "communities". It allows you to create group chats with up to a billion users.The activity of community participants will be fully controlled by superadministrators. They will be able both to invite or block users, as well as grant them the status of administrator or superadministrator, give permission to participate in discussions or invite new participants. They will also be able to delete one or all posts of a user and secure the posts under discussion. This new feature will be useful even for those who like to communicate, but don't want to reveal their personal data. The conversation partners will only be able to see the user's name, but the phone number and other information will be hidden from them. The innovation is already available to all comers. To try it out in practice, you need to download the current version of the application to your gadget.