Mail.Ru Mail users now have access to money transfers

28 February 2018
The specialists of Mail.Ru Group have implemented a very unexpected function in their mail service. Now Mail.Ru Mail users can make money transfers.In order to make a payment, it's enough to create a new e-mail, and then select "Send Money". Then, it is necessary to specify the number of bank card from which the money will be debited, enter the desired amount and confirm the operation with the code from SMS. You can send not more than 75000 rubles in such a way. The minimum amount to be transferred is 100 rubles. To receive the payment the user will be prompted to indicate his bank card number. If this is not done within five days, the amount will be automatically returned to the sender. Money can also be returned in another way. It is interesting that you can send money not only to users of Mail, but also to the owners of the e-mail box on other services. It is reported that all payments will be made using 3-D Secure technology. The technological side of the service is provided by Mail.Ru Group and VTB processing. The innovation has already been officially launched and is available to all comers. It can be tried out both in the web version of Mail and in the mobile version of the service.