The new version of the browser Google Chrome learned to play music in FLAC format

27 January 2017
Not so long ago it became known about Google developers' plans to implement support for playing music files in FLAC format in their browser. Until now, this feature was only available to Chrome beta users, but now, with the release of the new version of the program number 56, everyone can try it out.Now all Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac and Linux can enjoy music in lossless format by opening a flac file directly in the browser. Playback will be done with the built-in player, which will take up the entire tab. In this case, if users of the operating system from Microsoft can use the usual players to play music in this format, the owners of Mac are less fortunate. The problem is that the Apple computers do not have the ability to work with flac out of the box. In addition, the browser has received a number of other improvements, one of which is the indication of the connection security with a special icon in the address bar. This means Chrome will flag HTTP pages that save credit card data or user passwords as insecure. Anyone can try out the new features. All you need to do is to install the current version of the browser on your computer.