Ads may appear in Facebook Messenger

27 January 2017
Surely many Facebook users are already used to the abundance of ads on the social network. It seems that the company is gradually introducing this way of monetization for all of its products: recently it became known about the beginning of displaying ads in Instagram stories, and now it's Messenger's turn.Within the next few weeks, some Facebook Messenger users from Australia and Thailand, who got into the test group, will see ads. It is reported that the ad units themselves will be displayed only in the main window of the messenger and will not interfere with the normal communication with interlocutors. Also, advertisers will not be able to send messages to users until they do it first. It is also worth adding that the developers promise to leave the users to choose which ads the program will be able to show and which - no. It's still difficult to say when testing will end and everyone who has already installed Messenger will have to deal with ads, but the developers promise that this will not happen until all measures have been taken to ensure maximum convenience for both advertisers and the messenger audience.