New iPhones may receive support for augmented reality

22 March 2017
According to rumors published recently by Bloomberg resource, Apple is seriously interested in augmented reality technology. Many fans of the company have been waiting for the soon release of glasses with support of this technology, but now there is information about the introduction of its support in the new iPhone.If we believe the rumors, the work on the introduction of such an interesting possibility in the gadget from Apple is already underway. Moreover, to participate in the project can be experts who have had a hand in the creation of HoloLens and Oculus Rift. It is expected that the American giant's new smartphone will not only change the depth of field in photos, but also the objects depicted on them. It is possible that the gadget will be able to manipulate individual objects in photos: allow you to rotate them or add new virtual elements. We should add that earlier Min-Chi Ku - one of the experts on gadgets from Apple, had already pleased the fans of the company information about the next innovation, which will be added to the iPhone. We are talking about a camera with an infrared module. How close to reality these rumors are and whether it's worth waiting for augmented reality support in the next iPhone, or Apple will please its fans with new glasses, we'll know later. In the meantime, we just have to follow the company's news and wait for the releases of new gadgets.