"Kaspersky Lab will protect children from accessing dangerous groups from the social network VKontakte

22 March 2017
Surely many people have already tried Kaspersky Lab's solution for protecting children from dangerous or unwanted content online: Kaspersky Safe Kids. The company's experts regularly make new adjustments and provide the service with new features that make it even safer for children to explore the Internet and easier for parents to monitor their activity. The recent update was no exception and introduced a feature into the service that is especially important in the light of recent events.The latest update to the service will help protect your child from the vast amount of unwanted information coming from the social network VKontakte. Besides harmless communication with friends, children can stumble upon various communities promoting the use of alcohol, drugs, or worse, the so-called "groups of death", a surge of which was recorded by experts in January of this year. That's why Kaspersky Safe Kids has introduced a feature to monitor a child's groups and publishers in the VKontakte social network. It is important that the innovation will not prohibit children to visit the social network, because unmotivated bans will at best be incomprehensible to the child, and at worst - will cause distrust of their parents. Instead, once your child's VKontakte account has been connected to My Kaspersky, parents can view reports on the groups their child is a member of. Kaspersky Safe Kids will check the communities twice a day and warn of information on drugs, alcohol, violence, porn, suicide or weapons, allowing users to take appropriate action in a timely manner. It's worth adding that all users of the service Kaspersky Safe Kids can try the innovation in practice. All necessary changes are already in effect and do not require an update of the client program.