Yandex has implemented a system of word suggestions in its browser for Android

23 March 2017
For some not particularly active Internet users, browsers are mainly a tool to quickly find information of interest on the web. But in such cases, too, there are a number of inconveniences. In particular, for those who have only recently picked up a smartphone, typing long queries on the touch screen is quite difficult, and the prompts offered by browsers are often useless. To help avoid these inconveniences, Yandex.Browser developers have implemented word-by-word prompts in their product.Yandex.Browser became the first of the popular browsers to get word-by-word prompts. First of all, the new feature will help you to enter search queries faster, because now you don't have to type a phrase in full if it doesn't match the options offered by the program. Instead, just start typing the word and select the appropriate option from the offered ones. Also, as you type, the browser will predict the next word, which will help you to enter it with just one touch to the gadget screen.Everyone can try the innovation already. To do this, you only need to install the Yandex.Browser update on your Android-gadget.