The new book reader ONYX BOOX Monte Cristo 4 can be bought in Russia

30 January 2019

The Chinese company ONYX International announced the start of sales of a new book reader in Russia. ONYX BOOX Monte Cristo 4 is a fourth generation e-book. The new gadget has a more powerful processor, high battery life and a great look.

Букридер ONYX BOOX Monte Cristo 4

The book reader runs on an operating system Android. The new model uses a proprietary backlight MOON light +, which takes care of the eyes and reduces the load when reading.

ONYX BOOX Monte Cristo 4 has a six-inch E Ink Carta Plus touchscreen display with a resolution of 1448x1072 pixels. The screen is protected from glare, chips, and scratches by tempered glass from the Japanese company Asahi.

It also has a very user friendly interface, allowing you to use both the body buttons and the touch screen, whichever is most convenient for you. MOON Light+ adjustable backlight technology adjusts to the time of day. LEDs take the white light during the day, and in the evening, so your eyes are not so tired of the load, yellow.

Электронные книги ONYX Boox

ONYX BOOX Monte Cristo 4, as we said, got a more powerful processor - quad-core, as well as one GB of RAM. ONYX International assured that the innovation has affected the speed, now it is much higher, and the autonomy of the book reader.

The e-book has 8 GB of internal memory. If necessary, it can be expanded by having a microSD slot. Monte Cristo 4 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - accessories can be connected to the gadget and it's possible to go online through it.

The novelty from ONYX International "reads" most file formats. Supports any language of books, and if necessary, it is possible to translate a word in the text. It's enough to highlight it with your finger.

The appearance of a book reader is quite stylish: a black body of aluminum-magnesium alloy, included smart cover, which can put the e-book into hibernation mode when closing.

On the Russian market ONYX BOOX Monte Cristo 4 has already been released. You can buy it for 13 490 rubles.

ONYX BOOX Monte Cristo 4 купить в России