Inubox: a $1,200 dog toilet

30 January 2019

Many owners of four-legged friends living in metropolitan areas have wondered where to take their pets to go to the toilet. Doing it in the apartment is not an option. And if you go out in the street, you can get a fine for the products of the dog's vital functions, left in the wrong place. Of course, you can carry a scoop and bags for such things - they, by the way, are sold in pet stores. But in this article we will talk about a special device, designed to make life easier and owners, and their pets.

In addition, the harsh rhythm of life in big cities does not always leave time for walks with your pet. This is the problem that the startup Newtons Box is able to solve.

Inubox автоматический туалет для собак

We are talking about Inubox, a universal home toilet for dogs. Like all the inventions of recent years, it is "smart. That is, it's not just a box with sand, but quite an intelligent device. When the system is activated, it creates a special smell. It attracts the dog to go to the toilet in this place. The tray has sensors that control the cleaning system. It will not turn on until the animal leaves the toilet.

The "smart" toilet will detect the presence of the dog's waste, its type, and then turn on the cleaning system. All the contents from the tray is dumped into an airtight bag, after which the system will clean the remaining fragments with a scraper. After the cleaning is finished, the waste is weighed. An alert is sent to the owner's smartphone, telling him to throw away the trash.

Immediately after the doggie has done his business in the toilet, Inubox will let the pet know, in the owner's voice, that he did well. The system has built-in speakers.

After a while, Inubox will activate the air freshener.

Newtons Box автоматический туалет для собак

Using an app on your smartphone, you can remotely monitor the status of the system, checking and adjusting it.

The Inubox will cost $840 at the fundraising stage. If it retails, it will cost $1,200.